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We'd like to let you know why we're the best choice

  • We reduce the chance of the deal falling through
  • We make sure the process is a stress-free as possible
  • We work efficiently & accurately with your best interests as our number one priority
  • We help you to negotiate with other parties successfully
  • Our experts provide guidance and support that leads you through the process
  • We take a proactive (not reactive) role and push your deal through
  • Our practical professionals won't bamboozle you with legalese or jargon
  • We're technologically advanced and keep you advised using tools you use every day, like your mobile phone and the internet

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Wade Burns Conveyancing

PO Box 394
Parramatta, NSW 2124

Phone: 02 8188 1113
Fax: 02 9633 9833

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